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  Get rid of hp blue screen of death with simple and easy actions  
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Dreading about the possibility of see the hp blue screen of death (BSOD) on any of the your HP computer screens. BSOD (also known as blue screen or dead screen or bug check appears on the computers using the Microsoft Windows operating system. This is a critical error occurring resulting in a non - recoverable nature thereby causing a system crash. Present windows operating systems provide information to carry out requisite diagnostic checks when the bug check was carried out. Moreover, all the data currently available are saved in raw form in "dump file" for future analysis by a technician to understand the cause of the error.

First actions on seeing the BSOD
The first thing to do is not to panic. One sees the BSOD due to various reasons. And immediately try to remember what action has prompted the BSOD to appear. Was it that a new program was installed? Or new hardware added to the computer? Or driver files updated or was it installing an updated? If any of these actions were initiated then there is a great possibility that one of these prompted the BSOD on your HP computer. Generally, it takes about few hours to fix the hp blue screen of death, which also depends upon the type of error code displayed on the blue screen.

In such cases, one needs to undo the changes which were made. After this, start the computer again to check whether the blue screen re - appears. While carrying out the undo actions, one can use the default actions of Microsoft Windows at the time of starting the computer by pressing F5 or F8. Upon pressing the operating system opens up the dialog box where one can use the options of "startup using last known good configuration", "use system restore" and "roll back device driver". All these actions may require the computer to be started in "safe mode".
Further actions to be free from BSOD

Another issue which can be checked for hp blue screen of death is the availability of free space in the windows partitions in the computer. BSOD along with other issues occur due to non - availability of sufficient free space in the primary partition which is used by the windows operating system. It is advisable to maintain free space of at least 15% of the total space of the drive's capacity.
Configure the update feature of the Microsoft Windows to 'automatic updates'. This helps in keeping the computer updated with the regular releases of patches and service packs from Microsoft which can contain certain fixes for the hp blue screen of death error. This also covers the driver issues as BSOD is generally related to hardware or drivers.
Back to good times

Open the device manager and return the hardware settings to the default. Unless the user has the expertise to configure the hardware, set all the hardware to default as some of the settings in non - default hardware is known to cause theBSOD. In the same vein, set the BIOS settings also to their default levels.
Use a robust and good anti - virus software and keep it updated for new definition on viruses. Schedule the anti - virus scan with short intervals as some of the viruses are known to infect the boot sector or master boot record, leading to the appearance of the hp blue screen of death on the computer. One must specifically configure the anti - virus software for scanning the boot sector and master boot record.


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